The BizVidya Mission

Empower Entrepreneurs

To Build World Class Wealth Creation Enterprises

We are interviewing entrepreneurs all across India and compiling a comprehensive infobase of issues faced by them.

The stories tell us how they have dealt with various challenges, what is still afflicting them and WHAT DO THEY ACTUALLY EXPECT from government, institutions and service providers.

For SMEs, access to some of the best business knowledge & expertise is difficult and expensive. This portal is born out of a commitment to provide EASY access to most powerful Business Insights, Strategies, Tactics, Tools, Methods and Techniques.

Also, we are interviewing exceptional service providers to help them serve Indian businesses more effectively.

We welcome Business Experts & Researchers to help us build the largest knowledge base for the Small & Medium Enterprises in India.

You are invited to join this movement!

Register Here, To Start Contributing NOW!

3 thoughts on “Mission”

  1. Can home office based entrepreneurs work in an international marketplace? The United Nations is the greatest civilization in the history of earth. Our global federation of nations.

    I’ve been writing stories about Internet commerce, holistic healing and teaching, and world unity on my website and blog. I’m just reaching out to other people interested in developing an online community interested in those topics.

    How can we create peace and prosperity for all the citizens of earth?



  2. Hi. I am trying to reach Amarendra Srivastava. Srivastava’s blog lead me to this site, which is listed as “My Web Site” on Srivastava’s profile…..Am I in the right place? I have a question. Please reply to my email: rebecca@rebeccareynolds.com. Thanks!


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Empowering Entrepreneurs in India

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