Workshops for Business Owners and Senior Executives

  • Manage My Business: How to Track all business functions easily & accurately
  • Set Up Systems: How to Organize business functions and processes to run on Auto-pilot
  • Hire & Retain Better People: How to make Policies & Processes that ensure hiring and retention of better people
  • Accounting Systems: How to set-up Error-Free Accounting Operations
  • Cost Management: How to Reduce Costs and yet grow and prosper
  • Purchase Management: How to Track Supplier Performance, Get Best Deals & Maximize Savings
  • Effective Logistics: How to manage Inventory & Transportation Costs to maximize ROI
  • Quality Management: How to ensure Highest Quality at all direct and indirect Customer Impact Points
  • Customer Service Excellence: How to create low-cost yet High Impact Customer Centric Business
  • Reliable Manufacturing: How to consistently produce and deliver merchandise of predictable Quality, including Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Risk Management: How to anticipate and have mitigation plans for various Business Risks including LEGAL issues
  • Technology Solutions: How to choose and implement various low-cost technology tools & solutions for a business
  • Increasing Revenues: Discover various ways of increasing Revenues
  • Marketing & Promotion: How to maximize the impact of Marketing & Promotion with minimum resources
  • Online Marketing: How to increase Revenues and Exports with online/internet marketing
  • Enhance Sales Force: How to increase effectiveness of Sales Force

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